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*war flashbacks*

Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her.

"on to more adventures…"


why test on animals when there r people who r rude to waiters


peace sign in my hand, peace sign on my shirt, peace sign in my heart

egoraptored: suzie (or u can do hugh jaynuss, big daddy or gavin w/e all the same)


  • stay with me // you me at six
  • undercover martyn // two door cinema club
  • zero percent // my chemical romance
  • i have friends in holy spaces // panic at the disco
  • eleven eleven // heyhihello

i’ll listen 2 these when i get the chance!! :*

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lads-n-gents said: omg ive watched the entire series like 3 times now

i swear to god. i stayed up til 4:30am last night and i did no revision today. all because i legitimately want to date jim

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